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Slot machines are also known as slots, slot machine, poker machine or the fruit machine and also the one armed bandit.

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Online Slots

The slot machines are known under several different names. Slot machines are also known as slots, slot machine, poker machine or the fruit machine and also the one armed bandit. When using the term slot machine, this is American English. When using the term poker machine, this is Australian English. In addition, if you like the term fruit machine, this is British English. A slot machine generally is a machine, which is coin operated. Player puts coins in the slot, pulls a lever and then the reels will rotate.

The slot machine includes a mechanism known as a currency detector so the gambler must put real money into the machine. If a gambler would put a piece of metal into the machine that is not a real coin the machine will not work and the game can not be played. The slot machine is called the one armed bandit because of the one lever that is on the machine.

The reels will line up when the lever is pulled, showing the symbols, patterns or colours in the front of the machine where the player is standing. When the symbols, patterns or colours line up in certain arrangements the gambler will win based on the amount bet. With the urging of technology, the slot machine has changed somehow, with the acceptance of bills or coins and with the use of buttons on the front of the machine, which can be pressed to play if the gambler does not want to use the lever.

History of Slots

Because slot machines are relative newcomers in the gambling scene there's little doubt about their history or their evolution. Early slots prototypes date back only as far as 1870. Even though Charles Fey didn't develop his first slot machine until 1894, and it wasn't the first slot machine, he is universally considered as the Father of the Slot Machine.

Originally from the Bavarian region in Germany, Fey's life took a series of serendipitous twists ultimately leading to his immigration to America. He first settled in New Jersey before moving west to California. Shortly after moving to California, Fey was diagnosed with tuberculosis in his twenties. The doctors gave him a year to live but he managed to cheat death and alter the course of gambling history.

It wasn't until Fey was in his early thirties that he invented the first slot machine in 1895. His early influence has survived and can be seen even on today's modern computerized machines. It was during his tenure at a Munich farm tool factory when he developed his insatiable appetite for anything mechanical, and a mechanical savant was born. Slots history can be divided into three distinguishable eras, each leaving a lasting footprint on the todayŽs industry:
- The mechanical era
- The electromechanical era
- The computerized era

Fey's prototype mechanical machine used cards rather than the fruit we see today. It did, however, ring a bell each time the player won, an amenity that has survived the test of time.

Fey is probably best known for his cast-iron Liberty Bell slot. Each of three reels held ten symbols. Three of the same symbols in the pay line paid the jackpot, with a one in one-thousand chance of winning the jackpot.

How to Play Video Slots

Video Online Slots are the same as regular slots found in land-based casinos but they use a video display and five reels, instead of the three spinning wheels found on the traditional three-reel format. There are enhanced graphics there and other video and audio effects which are not present on three-reel slots and which create an exciting playing experience. Whereas three-reel slots usually have one pay line, video slots always have more than one and sometimes as many as nine pay lines. As in three-reel slots, various symbol combinations falling on the activated pay lines is what generates a win and payout.

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